What is Biscotti?
 The word 'biscotti'  literally translates  from the Italian  language as 'twice  baked' and loosely  refers to cookies in  general. Authentic  biscotti is baked  twice, which has  two distinct benefits  read more...

Company History

Several years ago, a very nice grandmother made a batch of biscotti. She shared these yummy Italian inspired cookies with family and friends, and everybody loved them. Over the years, her family developed several different varieties of biscotti from her original recipe. All who tasted them said 'you should go into business, and sell these to stores, so everyone can enjoy them,' and that's how Santa Barbara Biscotti came to be.
Biscotti (pronounced bis-coat-tee), has been enjoyed throughout Europe since the 13th century. Literally translated from the Italian language, 'biscotti' means 'twice baked.'
At Santa Barbara Biscotti Company, we use premium quality ingredients to produce
our 'European inspired American Classic' gourmet cookie.
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